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gun racks, pistol racks, rifle racks, rotary gun racks
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gun racks, pistol racks, handgun rakcs, rifle racks, rotary gun racks
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 Custom Gun Racks 

Custom Gun Rack, Custom Pistol Rack, Custom Handgun Rack, Custom Vertical Gun Rack, Custom Wall Gun Rack, Custom Gun Stand
We can design and build just about any size or style of Gun Rack that you need. 

Our CNC Router and CAD CAM software technology give us the ability to be very flexible.

For your Safe, Closet, Gun Room, Vault, Gun Store, Gun Show needs, etc.

I have a few pictures below from our shop and from our customers.  More to come soon.


Please give us a call to discuss your needs and ideas.

Thank you,
Chris Campbell
Ph# 800-932-9518
Ph# 559-876-1376          


L Shaped Vertical Gun Rack
Wall Mounted - Lockable Cable

Double Level Vertical Gun Rack
elevated with space below

Custom 16 Gun Capacity
Vertical Gun Rack

A Frame Style Gun Rack
Custom Built for a customer
who collects AR-15's

Foot Locker Gun Rack.  This rack was built for a
customer's foot locker to help organize his guns.

Double Level Vertical Gun Rack with
Long Gun and Pistol Storage.  Includes a
work table with shelves above.  Pistol
Racks have Magazine Storage below each rack.

Custom Magnetic Vertical Gun Rack
with built in Storage Shelves

A Frame Style Gun
Rack on Casters, built
for a customer to store

This is an Off-Set design with Storage Shelves.  The bottom row of guns
are moved forward, so the top row can be dropped in behind.  The barrels of the bottom row are in front of the butt of the top row.  Good for low Ceiling heights.

11 Gun Capacity Horizontal Gun Rack
This unit is wall mounted and will fit
scoped guns

19 Gun Capacity Magnetic Vertical
Gun Rack - Single Level with
Ammo Storage Below. Butt Stock
Pockets not installed in this picture

Double Level Vertical Gun Rack
with Storage Shelves

Magnetic Vertical Gun Rack with Storage Shelves
Built to go around a brick chimney in a customers

Double Level Vertical Gun Rack                    Front View - Designed with Straight Pockets in the Upper                 Side View -  All Racks are bolt
with Built In Ammo Storage Below                Right for narrow guns (no scopes).  All other pockets are                   together construction with
82 Long Gun Capacity                                   at a 45 degree angle to accept scoped and bolt action guns.               steel threaded inserts.
Customer with New Gun Store                      This rack is equipped with Magnetic Barrel Rests

45 Gun Capacity Magnetic                                 Side View showing                                       Side View showing the gun positions
Vertical Gun Rack with                                      our Pistol Racks in shelves                            Narrow guns on the side are facing straight
A-Frame Gun Rack on                                       mounted to the wall                                      in, while scoped guns on the back are at a
Casters to move guns                                                                                                            45 degree angle to clear scopes and bolts

Double Level Magnetic Vertical                   87 Long Gun Capacity                                     57 Pistol Capacity
Gun Rack with Pistol Rack
Option                                                            This rack was built for one of our customers gun room

One of our Customers very nice gun rooms.  

Picture on the Left is the First Stage of the Project, Magnetic Vertical Gun Racks with Storage Shelves on
3 Walls (U-Shaped).   The picture on the Right is the Second Stage of the project, the collection had 
grown so large, that an inner U-Shaped set of Shelves with Rotary Gun Racks on top was added. 
Total Capacity is around 360 Long Guns                                        

Custom Vertical Gun Rack - 84 Gun Capacity         Close up view of upper level                                       View of upper and lower levels and
with Pistol Racks and Vertical on the door                                                                                                  Pistol Rack Case on the wall

15 Gun Capacity U-Shaped for a customers Gun Safe interior.                                     16 Gun W-Shaped Magnetic Gun Store Display.
Magnetic Barrel Rests                                                                                                  Customer purchased (7) of these and put them side by 
                                                                                                                                    side along the wall on a shelf behind his counter.

36" Diameter / 30 Gun Capacity      A-Frame Style Gun Rack with Elevated           Horizontal Gun Rack built for Gun Show Display. Any size can
Round Rack built for the middle      Uprights for easier access.  This rack                designed and built to suit your needs.  
of a customers room. Doesn't          is narrow to fit customers space

U-Shaped 46 Gun Capacity Magnetic Gun Rack for a customers walk in safe.  Guns are positioned straight in with extra depth for scoped guns and maximum use of space.

Pawn Shop Customer - They needed a more efficient way to store handguns, so we built a
Pistol Storage Rack for the vault.  They also needed a way to move guns from the
vault to the sales floor, so we build A-Frame Style Gun Racks, worked out so well,
they just leave them in the racks as a display, then pull them into the vault at night.

A Frame on Casters:  We built two of these racks for a customer with large vaults. 
They needed additional storage. 38 Long Gun Capacity / Capacity for (10) 50 Cal. Barrett's
/Pistol Capacity 144

Double Level Vertical Gun Rack with Storage Shelves
Built for a customers vault

gun-racks provide quality rotary gun racks and quality pistol racks

Campbell Industrial Supply
PO Box 939
Sanger, CA  93657

Ph: 800-932-9518
Fax: 559-876-3305

Email: info@gun-racks.com



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Quality rotary gun racks used to store rifles, rifles with scopes and shot guns on a rotating rack for easy access. Quality pistol racks include single level pistol rack and double level pistol rack for the sportsman, gun collector and gun dealer. Gun-racks cover all 50 states in the


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